Inspirational Quote:
“He who knows others is learned;
He who knows himself is wise.”
~ Lao-tzu Tao te Ching



Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death. ~Anaïs Nin

We are a group of people from different parts of the world who are dedicated to the Oneness of all mankind holding the belief that we are all unique in our own right with our own innate gifts and abilities.

We all as individuals develop our own gifts, abilities and talents at our own pace which is different for each individual. As such we are commited to supporting you in your unique journey of self discovery!


About Rev. Michaelle Douglas (M.Div.):

“We suffer only from a lack of self knowledge.”

~Vernon Howard

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I am an Internationally known Bi-Lingual Minister working in the fields of Spiritual Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Healer; currently working on my Doctorate Degree.I am trained in the following modalities: The Radiance Technique, Inner Child Work, Rebirthing, Psych-K, Neuro- Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Healing Tao, The Buddha Within, Tai Chi, Qigong, Opening of the Charkras, Pranic Healing as well as Shamanic work. I have created my own workshops that are a compilation of 30 years of study and experience. These workshops focus on remembering whom we are in essence and fully embodying our essence in physical form therein standing in our own True Power!

“My goal is to provide participants with personal experiences that are designed to demonstrate that we may be more than we may have assumed.
This will be an opportunity for individuals to explore their own core self in order to enhance their own personal power.
These are workshops of personal growth that include spiritual, mental, emotional and physical components.”

I am a fully qualified Minister Director wherein I ordain people who wish to obtain recognition of their own personal ministry through ordination. Please refer to the Contact page to book an appointment.

About Rev. Anne Marie McKeever:

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My name is Anne Marie, I am an International Clairvoyant Medium and psychic. I have always been aware of spirit ever since I can remember, and have been working with spirit for the last 27 years.

During this time life has been a wonderful journey, inspiring and enlightening even more so with the infinite knowledge that we never ever stop learning and growing, and my pathway has been varied to say the least. I have worked on radio and television, online as well as on the telephone.

I run awareness and development circles, and conduct workshops covering self awareness and development, to mediumship.

I serve Spiritualist Churches and Spiritual Centres here in the UK and abroad. I am a Minister of the Universal Church of Life and offer Officiate Services like Funerals, Weddings and Naming Ceremonies as well as other services which include, One to one sittings, Private parties, Evening of clairvoyance, Divine Service and Workshops.

My intention for you now is to bring through the love support and guidance from your love ones in spirit, to bring to you the evidence that they have survived what we call death and that they live on within gods unconditional love.

It is only love that allows the communication between our two worlds, as not even death can break those bonds of love, your loved ones only ever come bringing love guidance, upliftment and encouragement for you.

If you do not wish to communicate with your loved ones. I am able to work with my guides friends and helpers to seek the guidance that you need at this moment of time in your life.

I work only in love and for the greater good. Please refer to the Contact page to book an appointment.

About Mr. Geert Hemelings:

“Sail away from the safe harbour, explore, dream, discover!”

~Mark Twain

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Geert Hemelings is a spiritual artist dedicated to being a source of inspiration and love. Through the process of creating he would like to express his desire to inspire, to show people the inner and outer wonders of the reality in which we exist. To open up people’s hearts to their own beauty and the beauty that surrounds them. He is dedicated to letting people experience a profoundness of being and feeling. Using his intuition and the visions granted to him by spirit he creates vivid images and brilliant depictions with a joyful play of light and color.
Painting and photography are meditative experiences for him; each new creation enables him to reach the true core of his being. He chooses to empty himself completely before every new endeavor so that  he can replenish his soul with the inspiring beauty of the moment. Listening to the guidance from his heart, he goes with his feelings to infuse his creations with the healing energies of spirit. You can purchase his beautiful artwork as prints or originals. He also accepts requests for personalized commissioned projects. Please refer to the Contact Page to get in touch with him regarding the same.


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About this site


The Spiritual Sphere© is the co-creation of likeminded people that come from different parts of the world, dedicated to the awakening of humanity and embracing them in their personal journey towards self-empowerment via workshops, intuitive readings, tarot readings, healings, etheric artwork, ordinations, life coaching etc.

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LifeForce© is owned and operated by Rev. Michaelle Douglas (M.Div.) who is a Spiritual life coach, Workshop Facilitator and Healer with over 30 years of experience.
She conducts workshops in English & Spanish on:
» Communication Skills
» Self Empowerment
» Energywork etc.
and offers:
» Ordinations
» Spiritual Life Coaching
to bring you the opportunity to explore your own core self and enhance your personal power. More »

PaintingTheHeavens© is owned and operated by Mr. Geert Hemelings who is a Spiritual Artist and Photographer.
He creates:
» Beautiful Etheric Artwork
which is available as prints or originals. He is dedicated to being a source of love and inspiration to open up people’s hearts to their own beauty and the beauty that surrounds them. More »

Note: All services including workshops and readings are available online, on phone and on location.


I was invited by Annie to this place of sharing the heart that beats within us all. I do not speak for all as all speaks when we are ready to listen. A feeling of calm is what I can share, and from there we can all make choices creating from the creation of loving expansion we are. We are the shared breath that takes all forms of light. I release fear and doubt everyday and the return has gave me confindence in myself. If I can help in anyway. I am here. I work best when I am calm in my mind body and spirit and each let me know when they need some attention. I am perfectly imperfect asking and learning from each one of you and all that I see as the physical truth. It is much deeper and lighter than the tension we all put on ourselves to be perfect. Let perfect a direction for the afterlife. Lets live now and create good and happiness with in every physical breath. I share my breath with you and I have no fear you will use it wrong. You are perfectly imperfect. What a blessing to have help such as this wonderful site that has appeared from the physical hands of love. Lets turn up the lights so we all can see the party. Namaste Brothers and Sisters. A big hug from my physical body when we come together is my gift to you all when it is time. No rush, I dont want to miss anything important that comes in this physical world I have only remembered recently. It grows daily, and the only thing I think is true is it always will. My Will is my way, I love you all. Stay imperfectly perfectly You. Nathan ( your soul brother )
Nathan Fussell , Brush Prairie, WA

Michaelle Douglas’ workshop - Games People Play - provides participants with invaluable tools and insights as to the negative dynamics people often play out in their lives in all types of relationships. Through this multifaceted and intelligently structured workshop, Michaelle helps participants understand and identify the roles people tend to take on in their various relationships, and how these archetypes are very often the root of much self sabotage, dissatisfaction, and failure. She is a gifted “natural intuitive”, and has an excellent understanding of the psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the human psyche. The marriage of her intuition and knowledge make her an excellent teacher and life coach, who is both compassionate and inspiring. The tools and exercises she uses to identify and resolve issues that hold us back, are not only incredibly effective and enlightening, but can also become an invaluable addition to our mind-set to be used when faced with new challenges. It has been such a pleasure for me to learn from Michaelle, and I am truly grateful to have been able to benefit from the many insights and exercises she has so generously shared with me, all of which have only served to help transform my perception of things and the manner in which to tackle the challenges that continue to arise. I cannot recommend her enough, both as a workshop facilitator and life coach.
Rosie, Los Angeles


Payment Plans of 2 or 3 installments are available for most of the workshops if you cannot pay the full fee at once. Please contact the respective workshop facilitator for details.

Cancellations must be made at least 2 business days in advance, please check the FAQ's page for our cancellation and refunds policy.