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“The wisest keeps something of the vision of a child. Though he may understand a thousand things that a child could not understand, he is always a beginner, close to the original meaning of life.”
~ John Macy

What Is Fear And How Does One Deal With It

What is fear?

Why is it that it takes 20 positive statements to counteract 1 negative statement?
Why does fear hold so much power in our lives?
Why is it that it has been the controlling force in our world?
If someone were to ask us to give all of our power away to someone tomorrow we would most likely tell them that they are crazy yet that is exactly what we do on a daily base as we fall into the traps that are inherent in everyday life situations that we encounter.
We are given invitations daily to take a look at what we choose to see and experience in our world.  Does this mean that I can make anger; rage, pain and fear disappear in this world? Yes, to a certain extent it does. It means that I have a choice at all times as to whether I choose to react to all of these feelings and emotions or I can choose to respond to them. And how does one do this? If I react I am re-enacting and if I am responding I am acting upon the information set before me.
For the most part we have been taught that anger, rage and fear are negative emotions yet this does not always hold true. We all have a built in survival instinct that kicks in whenever someone or something is threatening our very survival that will invariably trigger anger and or fear. This is a built in mechanism that provides us with information. At this point I have a choice as to whether I choose to re-enact or respond, act upon the information set before me. If I am responding I am empowering (standing in my own power) myself as well as any others that might be involved in the situation. For to react would be to give the false evidence that another has power over me(which means that I am disempowering myself as well as any others involved because in truth no one has power over another) which is never the case as I am always at choice in any situation in life. I may not like the choices set before me yet that does not negate the fact that I always have a choice. Therefore no matter what is set before me in my life I always have had and always will have the choice as to whether I will react or respond to any given set of circumstances.
By reacting I am setting up within myself the feeling of fear, which therein creates pain (pain=resistance to what is) for I am buying into the illusion that another outside of myself has power over me.
By responding I am acting on the power that lies within me at all times due to free will, which means I am standing in my own power (my own truth) and clearly being a mirror for any others involved in the situation to do the same.
The reason that anger, rage, pain and fear hold so much power over us in our lives is due to the collective consciousness that we are all connected with. Can you imagine the force that I am connecting with every time I feel fear, pain, anger or rage it is not only my own I am connecting with but that of all of humanity that resides in the collective consciousness. Therefore I invite you to remember that every time you choose to respond instead of react you are indeed changing the world one choice at a time.
What an impact we can make on an individual base with every choice we make in our daily lives! By responding we are choosing Love not fear, we are recreating our world one by one, one choice at a time. The power of one!
Each of us makes a difference on a daily base as we contribute to the collective consciousness by each and every choice we choose to make. As we choose to respond and not react we are indeed changing our world and the world around us one person at a time! For I am simultaneously shifting the collective consciousness with every choice I make.
Therein lay the true power that lies within each and every one of us!
~ Rev. Michaelle Douglas (M.Div.)
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About the Author: Michaelle Douglas

Rev. Michaelle Douglas (M.Div.) is a Spiritual life coach, Workshop Facilitator and Healer with over 30 years of experience. She conducts workshops in English & Spanish on: » Communication Skills » Self Empowerment » Energywork etc. and offers: » Ordinations » Spiritual Life Coaching to bring you the opportunity to explore your own core self and enhance your personal power.

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  • This is something that I have struggled to explain to many friends and family of mine.
    Family and Friends that have lived a dark life of crime, drugs, divorce every single
    Encounter that God has thrown at me to view and experience in my own life. Your explanation of fear is something I know deep in my heart but I’m having trouble explaining and communicating with people because of my past and the learning not to forgive others and themselves which then leads them to have more belief and faith in me. But even if I cannot explain to my loved ones like you have one day they will eventually find their own way. All I can do is keep trying. Thank you I will post this on my Facebook and let the world know the real me
    Starting from day.

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I was invited by Annie to this place of sharing the heart that beats within us all. I do not speak for all as all speaks when we are ready to listen. A feeling of calm is what I can share, and from there we can all make choices creating from the creation of loving expansion we are. We are the shared breath that takes all forms of light. I release fear and doubt everyday and the return has gave me confindence in myself. If I can help in anyway. I am here. I work best when I am calm in my mind body and spirit and each let me know when they need some attention. I am perfectly imperfect asking and learning from each one of you and all that I see as the physical truth. It is much deeper and lighter than the tension we all put on ourselves to be perfect. Let perfect a direction for the afterlife. Lets live now and create good and happiness with in every physical breath. I share my breath with you and I have no fear you will use it wrong. You are perfectly imperfect. What a blessing to have help such as this wonderful site that has appeared from the physical hands of love. Lets turn up the lights so we all can see the party. Namaste Brothers and Sisters. A big hug from my physical body when we come together is my gift to you all when it is time. No rush, I dont want to miss anything important that comes in this physical world I have only remembered recently. It grows daily, and the only thing I think is true is it always will. My Will is my way, I love you all. Stay imperfectly perfectly You. Nathan ( your soul brother )
Nathan Fussell , Brush Prairie, WA

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